Hot Melt Adhesives


Our Beardow Adams hot-melt adhesives can be used in a wide variety of applications from packaging and labelling through to product assembly. The hot-melts are EVA based products and have been developed specifically in response to industry requirements, and are suitable for application by applying glue dots and beads where appropriate

Our glue range includes pressure sensitive adhesives, low temperature and general purpose adhesives (including vinyl acetate and heat resistant solvents) suitable for a wide range of packaging, labelling and other applications.

We also supply wood glue to the furniture manufacturing industry as a hot-melt adhesive for edge banding, profile wrapping, v-grooving and more. Product assembly adhesive can be sprayed or applied as a bead. These adhesives are also suitable for tankless systems. Our hot-melts are principally EVA based and we also have polyolefin and metallocene polymers.

All our products are batch numbered and supplied with Certificate of Conformance sheets.

Together our hot-melt adhesive supplies and packaging machinery provide complete end of line packaging solutions that are unmatched by any other packaging company in Ireland.

Packaging Adhesives
Product Assembly Adhesives
Labelling Adhesives
Woodworking Adhesives
Converting (Pressure Sensitive) Adhesives
Book Binding Adhesives
BRC Food Grade Packaging Adhesives

Hot-Melt Packaging Adhesives

Over the years, many top brand food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers have relied on Beardow Adams adhesives to enhance their product presentation, to really differentiate their brands and to improve their manufacturing line conditions. Today, we have taken this existing high quality performance to a new level with our BAMFutura range of adhesives bringing packaging to a previously unheard of level of quality.

We also provide hot-melt adhesives that have been specifically engineered for use within the most challenging case making, carton sealing and tray forming applications. We also appreciate the need for healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging to be secure and tamper-resistant, and so we deliver adhesives that provide exceptional pack construction and sealing strength.

For customers in the convenience foods industry, we carry a range of adhesives that bond strongly to coated surfaces and that can cope with temperatures as low as -40°C. Whilst our clean running hot-melt adhesives can be accurately applied at high speeds, making them ideal for sift proof detergent, pet food, cereal, seed, and powder packs.

Hot-Melt Product Assembly Adhesives

In this industry, bonds that are unseen are often the best kind. Our customers and clients not only want adhesives that are really strong – they also want adhesives that don’t show.

We carry a wide range of product assembly adhesives that enable manufacturers to improve their own product quality and aesthetic appearance by providing assured adhesion without nails, screws and other fixings that can be unsightly and costly

Bonding plastic, partitioning, insulation and anti-heave products are amongst the construction and civil engineering markets’ wide ranging uses for our hot-melt adhesives. In the white goods and electronic appliances industry, we have formulated adhesives to seal plug holes and hold control panels, hot air conveyors and gaskets firmly in position whilst traditional filter production processes have been rewritten through the elimination of mechanical fasteners.

As they are also non-toxic, our hot-melt adhesives are also replacing solvent based adhesives in the manufacturing of mattresses, seating and furniture and are being increasingly used to form gaskets in-situ to deliver significant time and cost savings.

Hot-Melt Labelling Adhesives

For the following applications:

Wet Glass
Shrinkable plastic bottles
PET (Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate)
Wet and cold Bottles
Hot and dry cans/jars
Alkali Dispersible

We carry an exclusive range of unrivalled high quality adhesives for pick-up and overlap, vertical and roll-through and tamper evident applications, that are tried, tested and trusted with even the most difficult labelling uses. Every day, the Beardow Adams hot-melts we offer here in Ireland, are relied on to perform by leading producers of bottle, can and jar packed products around the world.

Adhesives that provide exceptional adhesion and are ideal for labelling chilled and ambient products. Combining high molten tack with long open time, they also perform perfectly with wet glass and PET cold filled bottles. Here, our adhesives either slip to accommodate expansion whilst securely adhering the label or they allow the label to stretch (OPP labels) to avoid unsightly sticky glue lines. We also offer adhesives for shrinkable plastic bottles that allow labels to be safely heat shrunk after application.

Our hot-melt adhesive formulations for labelling are suitable for wet and cold bottles on both reel and magazine fed systems, or hot and dry cans and jars up to 85°C. These can typically contain preserves, vegetables, fruit, pet foods and other products that are cooked or sterilised in their containers prior to labelling. Spray application adhesives meanwhile allow labels to be applied to over 1,000 containers per minute, whilst keeping machines clean and free from stringing and overspray. This is in addition to the consumption savings and other benefits provided.

With the environment in mind, our alkali dispersible adhesives can be quickly removed to support bottle recycling and refilling. Whilst in addition, hot-melts can be supplied in our Beardow Adams revolutionary EcoBlock™ format to eliminate on-site unwrapping and waste.

Hot-Melt Woodworking Adhesives

For the following applications:

Profile Wrapping
Foam Bonding
V-Grooving, Top Laminating and General Assembly

When it comes to wood, we can work wonders (some customers might say “miracles”). Beardow Adams uses the finest raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes to produce unique, high-performance hot-melt woodworking adhesive solutions.

Clean, easy to handle and very user-friendly, our range of wood glues are used in pre-coating, profile wrapping, edge-banding, soft-forming, foam bonding, V-grooving and top laminating applications around the world. Our innovative range of adhesives can be used with most woodworking machines and provides superior adhesion of PVC, HPL, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer and other materials to MDF and chipboard.

Our other rapid melt, fast set woodworking adhesives are ideal for pre-coating melamine impregnated papers, veneers, HPL and PVC edgings. Our profile wrapping adhesives have been developed for use with wood veneer, paper foils, PVC and high-pressure laminates and allow door and door frame manufacturers to produce, lacquer and cure profiles in an efficient single pass operation.

Beardow Adams also produces technically advanced edge-banding adhesives, which are proven to withstand 100°C temperatures for up to three days without delaminating, and which are now widely used in the global furniture industry. In addition, our soft-forming adhesives comply with the FIRA Gold Award Standard along with foam and fabric adhesives for leading upholstery and bedding suppliers. Our range also includes V-grooving adhesives that are used in the production of wraparound drawers and loudspeaker cabinets alongside top laminating adhesives that allow the latest surface finishes to be created.

Hot-Melt Converting (Pressure Sensitive) Adhesives

We carry an exclusive range of advanced self-adhesive and heat reactivatable adhesive coatings that are proven in countless converting applications.

Our Pressen™ hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s) are specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance on self-adhesive labels. This ensures they can be relied upon to securely bond paper, metal foil, plastic film, fabric and non-woven labels to glass, paper, board, metallic and ceramic surfaces. This also means that they can be trusted to achieve the necessary balance of shear, peel and tack required for each application.

Pressen™ hot-melt adhesives for self-adhesive coatings are now an essential component in the production of adhesive tapes, art panels, bags and envelope closures. In addition, we carry dry peel adhesives which are designed to allow layered labels to be simply removed from packaging whilst leaving the base label underneath completely intact.

Our many years of converting expertise extends into heat reactivatable hot-melts for coatings and laminations. These products are widely used within the dry peel, footwear, bag, sack and trapping tape sectors.

Hot-Melt Bookbinding Adhesives

For all book binding requirements, we produce hot-melts that provide outstanding spine gluing, side gluing, end gluing, casing in and tip-in applications. Our bookbinding adhesives give superior page pull strength and assured bonding, creating durable spines that can be trimmed just 30 seconds after binding.

Our bookbinding adhesive range offers a host of other quality assured products designed to provide strong adhesion and high page pull strength whilst allowing in-line trimming to be safely undertaken without smearing. Side glue adhesives can be supplied for use with most binding machines and again these provide an application that can be accurately applied and cleanly trimmed. Permanent and peel-able adhesives meanwhile are manufactured for the production of tip-ins. These provide customers with the ability to bond cards, coins and sachets to all paper and cover stocks without any staining or tearing.

Our high-quality hot-melt adhesives provide peel-able adhesion for all tip-in requirements. They allow cards, coins and a range of sachets to be safely bonded to a vast selection of paper and card materials and eliminate the risk of staining and tearing that can arise with less advanced adhesives.

With strong consideration for our environment these hot-melt adhesives can be easily removed to support the increasing requirement for print and paper to be recycled.

BRC – Food Grade Packaging Adhesives

Continually innovating and developing, our partner Beardow Adams was the first company in the world to manufacture packaging adhesives to a food grade standard having become British Retail Consortium – BRC accredited.

In tandem with this, there are increasing numbers of retailers and food packaging providers who are now insisting that their suppliers receive third-party certification.

The BRC Standard supports the integrity of our BAMFutura range and adds the benefit of being manufactured to a food hygiene standard.

The aims of the BRC Global Standard for Food Certification are to:

  • Promote best practices
  • Improve supplier standards and consistency, and avoid product failure
  • Eliminate multiple audits of food manufacturers
  • Support retailer objectives at all levels of the manufacturing supply chain
  • Provide concise information to assist with due diligence defence