Offering The Complete Package of Consumables, Application Equipment, Technical Advice and Machinery

A Recent Client Experience

We received a phone call from a potential customer that we did not supply any services or products to. Our name was given to them by a long-standing customer of ours that we have been supplying hot-melt adhesives to for many years.

This new potential customer initially called to ask about servicing of their existing hot-melt application equipment. After an initial situation analysis was carried out, the customer felt that his business would be much better served by moving beyond being just an equipment service customer to becoming a fully integrated user of both equipment service & hot-melt user, as this would be much more feasible, productive and cost effective.

If our customers, or potential clients, have a high level of volume usage of hot-melt throughout the year, we can offer them a unique offering of integrating their essential equipment servicing costs into the price per kilo of the hot-melt adhesive. This enables the customer to budget their service requirements in a balanced payment system throughout the calendar year.

We calculate for them, the costs of a year’s servicing, break it down into an estimated price per kilo based on their last two years hot-melt adhesive volume usage, and offer the client the ability to integrate the equipment service costs into the hot-melt adhesive costs.